lundi 7 août 2006

Tomorrow, Alain and I are leaving for our "honeymoon" (in French "voyage de noces" or "lune de miel"). Even though it is almost three months after getting married and is to the place his family owns and that he has already been to, I am considering it like our honeymoon. Alain is Italian on his father's side. To conserve funds, we will be staying at the old family home that has been split up into different apartments and several couples still own one piece- his parents, his aunt, and his father's cousin. Then, there are their four children (Alain and his sister, and their two cousins) that also have use of the place. Alain and his family used to go quite a bit when he was little, but he hasn't been back for over ten years.
It is a three hour drive from here past Nice, Cannes, Monaco, and is close to the French/Italian border.
The picture above is the Villa Nobel, of Alfred Nobel, which I am told is within walking distance of where we will be staying.
We are planning to stay for a week or so. I am looking forward to it, even though they have all warned me not to expect much of the house. Apparently it is quite old without any of the modern conveniences. And by "modern conveniences" I mean a shower or a flushing toilet. There is also no heat in the winter, so I guess it is mainly a summer thing.
Still, beach, Italian gelato, Italian ham bread and cheese, what could be better? Plus, a chance to practice my non-existent Italian skills.
Seriously, I never thought I would be getting married in Provence and honeymooning on the Italian Riviera.

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themikestand a dit…

That is a stunning Villa, Megan. Do post some pics of where you're staying!

I have this fantasy where I live in a house like in Stealing Beauty (movie). Instead I live where it's too cold to even consider open-air concept homes 9 months of the year.

And do they really call it a lune de miel? That's hilarious. Such a silly word, honeymoon.

Starman a dit…

Hi Megan - Thanks for stopping by.
I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I rented an apartment in Lyon and was there for three weeks last September (2005). I'm going to Toulouse on 13 September this year. Of course, my favorite city is Paris and I've been there many times. I finally decided to see a bit more of the country. With just a little luck, I will be moving to France in a couple of years.

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