samedi 13 janvier 2007
Congrats Chris and Candy!
December 30,2006
My cousin Chris and his new wife Candy got married on December 30th. Mom and Dad along with Gregg, Jill, and Rudy were supposed to go up to the wedding location (outside of Denver) the day before the wedding. Dad was asked to do a reading at the wedding, so they attended the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. So they all piled in the Four Runner and made it up there okay. Once getting onto the highway, the roads were manageable but the plow hadn't yet been through the small side streets.
Doug, Patricia, Alain, and I hung out at home and spent a quiet evening. The next morning Dad drove back down and fetched us since the other car, a Honda, wasn't gonna make it. Then we drove back up. We checked into the hotel and had a few hours before the wedding. Alain and I wandered around the hotel, spotting various family members. Most had not been able to come to our wedding, so it was their first time meeting each other. For the wedding, Alain wore his all-purpose suit (three weddings in 7 months) and I wore a navy blue gown I got a long time ago with the ivory shrug that I got for my own wedding.
There was a shuttle from the hotel to the wedding location. It got a little lost and was behind schedule, but we were able to make it to the wedding. It was held at the Chateaux at Fox Meadows (a funny name if you ask me. With an X Chateau is plural, but it is clearly only one Chateau. Perhaps it looks more fancy and French with an X at the end.) The wedding was held indoors, then we went downstairs for the cocktail hour while the main floor was transformed into the dining area. The tables were named after ski runs, and we were seated at "Frenchman". Not sure if that was on purpose or not.
(Gregg doing the thing mom hates most --->)
After that was cake and dancing. We took the shuttle back to the hotel at around 11. The next morning was a brunch, and then we checked out of the hotel.
All in all, it was a very nice, beautiful wedding. We really enjoyed ourselves. (picture below at brunch the next morning)

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