jeudi 12 avril 2007

On Easter Monday (which, by the way I didn’t even know was a holiday until moving to France) Alain and I went to visit this small town north of Salon de Provence, which neither of us had been to before. It is close to Les Baux and a town called Saint Rémy that we have not visited yet as well. It is a small town of about 1600 people, and my parents had visited it when they were here with his parents (while we were busy talking with the priest for wedding planning). Both sets recommended that we go, so we did.

We wanted to get out of Marseille since most of the museums would be closed and the parks would probably be overflowing, but not go anywhere too far away. It took us about one hour by the autoroute (cost 2.40 euros). We arrived around noon, and proceeded to buy some bread (olive bread), navettes (a regional biscuit specialty), then went to another store and bought some cheese, plastic knives, and a bottle of coke. Oh what a picnic!
We walked up to the top, to the ruined church and ate our picnic. It was a nice day, not cold or too windy. Not too many tourists either. We wandered around for awhile and then headed back down to the main part of the village at about 2 pm. We stopped in the little church, then wanted to buy some postcards and eat some ice cream, but both were closed for lunch. Imagine that! Bet in high tourist season they wouldn’t be. Or perhaps they would, considering this is the South of France and all. Since we didn’t want to wait around until 3/3:30 when they decided to open up again, we headed back. We stopped at his parent’s house for cappucino and leftover chocolate cake from Easter. All in all, a good Easter Weekend.

From Provence Web: The village is surrounded by the superb landscapes of
the Alpilles, with olive groves, green valleys and vine fields punctuated here
and there by super tastefully restored residences. From a distance before you
arrive in the village you'll see Eygalières, perched on the summit of a small
hill. As you approach you'll be able to make out the small houses which make up
the village and you'll have only one thought, stop a while to visit. You'll
discover a village which has known how to preserve its’ authentic charm with
it's beautiful stone houses, almost always framed with a touch of green or sweet
smelling flowers which allow glimpses of beautiful gardens beyond. The houses,
wisely cling together along the small winding streets. The main street takes you
up to the village Church from where you can visit the chateau ruins, and the
esplanade of the old gatehouse and Saint-Laurent church. The Eygalières local
history museum is also worth a visit. It can be found in the Chapelle des
Pénitents (XVII°) and presents some prehistoric relics as well as an interesting
collection of agricultural tools. From the museum there are magnificent views
towards the Caume mountain, the Alpilles and the River Durance. Similar views
can also be enjoyed from the Calade path which leads past the chapel. For
cyclists, take the D24 from Eygalière and you'll enjoy a lovely tour around some
of the famous Alpilles landscapes. Take the direction of Aureille and you'll pas
by the pretty Pas de Figuières at 247 m altitude, whilst breathing in the heady
scents of pine trees, wild herbs and of course all to the backdrop of the
singing cicadas.Sites to visit: Saint-Sixte chapel XII°C and the hermitage
(1 km East of the village), Pénitents Chapel (XVII°), Local History Museum, and
the Parish Church. Things to do: Walking/Hiking, Mountain Biking,
Boulodrome, and Summer Events.

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Anonyme a dit…

Oh Megan, that looks like a beautiful little village. I remember enjoying St. Rémy and Salon, but hadn't even heard of Eygalieres. My sister and her husband are coming to visit in a couple weeks and we're thinking about planning a road trip through Provence. I look forward to reading through your previous travel posts for ideas!

Dee a dit…

I live in Eyguières, also just a few km from Salon. It's very easy to get these two names confused and I once ended up in Eygalieres by mistake.

It is a beautiful little village. Of course, I haven't found many that aren't. I love quaint and historic. :)

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