mercredi 25 avril 2007

Alain has taken this week and the previous week off from work to work on our bathroom. He has been tiling, and here is the progress so far.

As you can see, it is a lot of angles and corners, so it isn't easy.

We have replaced the window too.

He is almost done with tiling the shower, then we will have to caulk it, put up the shower spa thing, and put a door on. We haven't bought a door yet, we wanted to wait until we knew what size exactly would be needed (there are a lot of layers of cement on those walls in order to make the walls straight).

I guess next we will have to remove the old sink and mirror, remove the tiles from behind, tile the rest, install sink, change electricity, plugs, and light, repaint, and redo the floor. Yikes!

3 commentaires:

Where the wild ones grow a dit…

Good luck with your bathroom, we have already been through that twice.
My husband is Alain too

I have just found your blog, your previous mail rings many bells, I have suffered like you

Take Care

Anonyme a dit…

Wow, that is some serious progress! Good work, Alain! :D

Where the wild ones grow a dit…

Thanks for your mail Megan,
Haven't quite understood the meaning of Nest and Nestie....
Bon week-end

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