lundi 3 septembre 2007
A few weeks ago, Alain and I bought some rollerblades for me at the sporting goods store Decathlon (with plenty of protection). Alain already had some from awhile ago. I have done rollerblading before (a long time ago) and also some ice/roller skating. Still, I was nervous to try them out. Yesterday we went to a park called the Parc du Griffon, near Marignane. There are lots of playgrounds, some tennis/soccer courts, and an area to bike/do other wheeled sports. This does not include riding a dirt bike around and around and around on the grass making tons of noise and chewing up the grass, like some annoying teenage boys did. Someone must have called the police, or else they were in the area and heard the noise, because they came over and gave the boys a warning or something and told them to leave. I was happy.

Anyway, back to rollerblading. For my first time, it wasn't too bad. Didn't fall, but did make some amusing windmill motions with my arms. Didn't run over any small children, which is always a plus from the parent's point of view. We stayed for a little over an hour. In Marseille, every Friday night in summer I think, they close off some streets to car traffic and tons of rollerbladers come out to do a circuit. Not quite ready for that.

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Ksam a dit…

Ooh, I'm so jealous! I wish we had something like that around here. As an ex-ice skater, I love going rollerblading, but my poor rollerblades have only been used once since I brought them over (too many cars tried to run me down). The sidewalks here are either cobblestone or all cracked, so that means if I want to rollerblade, I have to do it in the street! :-(

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