vendredi 30 novembre 2007
Friday morning we woke up at 6 for a 7 a.m. pickup (except T. who forgot that Korea was one hour later than China and woke up at 7). We made the long drive back out to Incheon, where we again visited a factory, the largest of the ones we had seen. It was quite impressive. Afterwards, we had lunch in the VIP lounge, then drove to a parts warehouse in Amsam. The whole day it was raining like crazy. We got quite drenched. The parts warehouse is where they keep the spare parts for the engines, in case something breaks and needs to be replaced ASAP. Their system is computerized, with large robot/cranes that go in between the rows to the correct box.

We wanted to just head back to our hotel and not socialize anymore, especially since the next day we were heading back to France, but it was insisted that we go to this Japanese restaurant with them. Ugh. There is a reason that humans invented fire, and it was so that they could cook their food! After a moment I just could not take it anymore. I just couldn't. I had passed my limit a few days ago with the octopuss soup and I was not having any more of it. I'm sorry but no.

We made the long drive back again to Seoul (why didn't we just stay in Incheon?) and finally got to bed around midnight.

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