vendredi 22 février 2008
Went shopping this morning.
Bought a book for Alain that he has been wanting called "L'air intelligent". It is a study of how intelligence and intelligent people have been regarded throughout history. I bought a book for me about makeup. Browsed some perfume stores, but didn't get anything. There are some new releases coming out in the next two months that I am looking forward to- Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Printemps (Miss Dior Cherie was the perfume I bought for our wedding) and the new Cacharel Amor summer fragrance. So I held back. Though when I really get desperate I can always buy a scent for Alain.
Then I went to a place called Zara and bought two tops, then went to H&M. I don't really like H&M but after three trips to the changing room finally decided on a pair of jeans and three more tops. Didn't find any work pants. I might actually have to start wearing my skirts. I always get frustrated trying on pants. Besides the general "Why can't I fit into the size --- in this store? I have another pair of pants that are size ----! I don't want to have to try on a size ---+1!" angst, no matter what size I try on, they either fit my waist or my hips. Never both. I guess I have a small waist for the size of my hips. Or big hips for the size of my waist, but I prefer not to think of it that way. So I usually have to buy the hip-fitting pair and then just use a belt or cover the saggy waist with my shirt.
Got mad and walked out of Jeff de Bruges because of poor customer service (this is the second time at the same store, so I doubt I will go back there).
Came back home, had cheese and chocolate for lunch (hey, it's my day off) and then took a nap while watching Exorcist 2. I couldn't help it, it was so dull. Tonight we are going over to Olivier's for dinner. We were supposed to go last week but he canceled because he still hadn't finished up his doctoral thesis, which had to be mailed the next day. Guillaume and Laure-Anne will be coming with their new baby boy (2 months). We haven't seen him yet.
Plans for this weekend- continue working on the walls, take apart the old cabinet unit that was in our kitchen and take it over to the in-laws on Sunday.
Picture taken of us on Alain's motorcycle in August I think, when he was still learning how to ride. We weren't going anywhere- hence no helmets, etc.

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