jeudi 4 décembre 2008
Her Royal Crabiness.
A bad case of the crabs.
No, not THOSE kind of crabs.
The kind of crabs where basically you don't want to be around anyone, and more importantly, nobody wants to be around you.
Less than 3 weeks until my big USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) exam and I am stressed.
Putting in 50 hour work weeks, plus trying to get ready for Christmas.
Hoping that we do not get stuck in an airport somewhere like Christmas 2006 when we got stuck in Chicago due to a blizzard in Colorado.
For the first time I absolutely cannot think of what Christmas presents to get for Alain's family, and he is no help either.
Plus beyond the point of caring of what state the apartment is in.
Sigh. This too shall pass.
In the meantime, a friendly warning: Stay off the roads between Aix and Marseille, especially between 5-7:30 pm.
Because you might see some blond woman screaming her head off because some guy cut in front of her in the line to get over the overpass, then burst into tears, then say "Why the hell am I crying?" while listening to her Patent Bar course on her Ipod.
I'm just sayin'.

3 commentaires:

Brandi a dit…

Megan -- sounds like you need a Margarita! Badly. Go home, draw a bath and get your margarita ready.

There is caroling this weekend in Aix and the Xmas market. If you see a crazy blond woman with the cutest toddler ever -- that's me. If I see you I will make sure to buy you beer;-)

Anonyme a dit…

I'm sorry to laugh, but that mental picture of you driving was too funny.
Cheer up, things are always hectic around holidays, whats a few more stress inducers to the pile?

Are you coming back to the US for the holiday?

Starman a dit…

A glass of wine, some soft music and Alain to soothe your weary brow.

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