mercredi 10 décembre 2008
This is something that I have been having trouble with lately. More specifically, keeping myself decently dressed.

Case in point #1: Shoes
I basically have two pairs of black shoes that I wear to work. Both date from at least 2004 and are starting to show it. One is a pair of low boots. A few months ago, the zipper fell off the left boot. Since then I have been using a paperclip. The insole came unglued and was getting all bunched up. I finally had to superglue it back in place. Both of the heels are getting unstable, which doesn't help when walking on the cobblestones of Aix.

The right shoe of the other pair has a huge crack in the sole. This doesn't normally cause a problem, but if it is raining out my foot gets soaking wet. Thought about taking off my socks and placing them over the radiators to dry, but I am not sure everyone else in my office would appreciate that. Yesterday morning the entire heel came undone except for a small piece of rubber that was holding it on. When I walked it was flopping around. What did I do? Yep, superglue.

It would be easier if I could just bring a pair of slippers to work.
I could get both pairs re-soled and the zipper replaced, but don't know when I will be able to do that and if it is worth it financially. Plus, I would have no shoes to wear to work besides high heels and my pink boots.
At this point I am just hoping that they will hold out until Les Soldes in January because I am not in the mood to spend 50+ euros for a pair of shoes that will be half as much in a month.

Case in point #2: Buttons
Buttons seem to be popping off all over, and I can't be bothered to sew them back on.
I bought two coats this fall, one grey one and one cream-colored one. A button came off the shoulder of the grey coat. I haven't yet had the energy to sew it back on. My scarf usually covers up the missing spot, so it is okay for now.
I also have a sweater that I keep at work (because it is freezing in this old building!). One of the buttons in the middle came off. Yep, still haven't replaced that one either.

Case in point #3: Pants
This isn't the worst problem to have, but all of my pants are falling off. Plus, at least two need to be hemmed.

Case in point #4: Forgetfulness
Yesterday I was sitting on the bus with my jacket on, and could not for the life of me remember what shirt I was wearing. And this was 7 pm at night. I had spent all day wearing the same shirt, but could not tell you which one it was.
It took me a good 30 seconds to remember. And it isn't like I have 50 different shirts. I have about 6 tops that I wear in the winter, so the fact that I couldn't remember which one out of six goes to show you something.

Head to toe: Forgetful, hair in need of a haircut (last time was June), sweater missing a button, broken belt, baggy un-hemmed pants (slightly wrinkled as well), holey socks, and superglued shoes with paperclips for zippers. Super!

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Champsleeve a dit…

The soles of my work shoes always split too! I hate that. I used to have a pair of black and a pair of dark brown. The black one's had the split so I actually had to plan my outfits around the weather so that I didn't wear the black shoes when it rained. I'm sure it would have been less effort to just buy new shoes!

I have the button problem too. I'm actually at work right now wearing a sweater with a missing button but it is the bottom one and since I sit most of the day and walk really fast when I do get up, I figure no one will notice!!


Starman a dit…

It would appear to be the perfect outfit to wear when asking for a raise.

Brandi a dit…

Yeah, I haven't cut my hair in over a year, I have 2 pairs of shoes that are probably several years old....

Being pregnant, since I don't want to spend a fortune on a whole wardrobe, I only have 2 pairs of pants to wear and a few shirts, one sweater....

The good news is, that since my work is like a run-way, I could dress in a wetsuit and my coworkers wouldn't think any less of my "look"

Anonyme a dit…

What, no picture to accompany this wonderful description? :-)

Toulonnaise for a while a dit…

Hi Megan!
I am completely blown away!!! (It was not all easy, installing took 5 hours because the program was not properly written or stg like that).
We can race together:))))) Today I created new challenge Czech chicks vs. Americana vs. Spaniards vs. Frenchmen!:))))
I think though it is only compatible with ipod nano. However, with the current sales in the US...
Oh yes, I was thinking your post sounds so.. un-American:))) (Ok, I don;t want to dive into cliches)...
Are not you going to the US? You will find an amazing shoes there, I am sure!!!!!!!!

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