lundi 28 janvier 2008
I have been harboring a cough all week, ever since my cold went away. I thought it was just due to the dry weather, but woke up this morning achy all over. Even my eyeballs hurt. I crawled out of bed, checked webmd for bronchitis signs- commonly follows a cold. Check. Dry cough, painful, some muccus. Check. Aching body parts. Yeppers. Fever. mm, fever? (goes to take fever- realize I have no real reference for what "fever" is in Celsius) No, I guess not.
Webmd helped me five+ years ago to self-diagnose my appendicitis. I was staying home from work. Only four days left and my replacement has started anyway. Spent the morning trying to sleep and not hack up a lung, then slowly plodded to my doctor's for his open hours starting at 2:30. Waited a good hour to be seen. There were all of two people in front of me- that drives me nuts about French doctors. They don't have assistants to do the basics, like take the temperature, blood pressure, etc. so the doctor does all of it, and you end up waiting 30+ minutes per patient in front of you. Finally got seen, and I guess I don't have broncitis, just an infection that descended down into my throat/lungs after the cold. Got a packetful of prescriptions and headed out.
On a good note, I have lost some weight, which was a surprise to me after the foodfests of Christmas/trip to Rome/New Years.

Cost for visit- 22€, most of which I guess will be reimboursed.
Cost for medicines €4.76.
Day spent in bed- priceless.

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The Late Bloomer a dit…

Hope you'll be feeling much better soon, Megan!

I'm super curious about your new job -- I just realized you said you were changing jobs... Does that mean your new one is different from the one you were doing when you traveled to China? Don't mind me -- I know, curiosity killed the cat, and you can say so if I'm asking too many questions! I'm just curious to know how other expats manage to find interesting posts in France. I've been slogging away at a bilingual assistant position, and at times it can be nice, but at other times I SO KNOW I could be doing so much better!

Anyhoo, I've rambled on for far too long... Hang in there and rest up -- and get better fast!

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