vendredi 25 janvier 2008
Last Saturday I went to get my haircut. This has always been an interesting experience for me.
There are two certainties about French hairdressers:
1) They will cut your hair how they think it should look dammit.
2) They will try to eek every euro out of you that you can.
I went to a lady close by, whom I have gone to before. I told her that I did NOT want it too short, I still wanted to be able to put it back.

This must have gotten her hackles up.
"Well, if I cut it for you, it isn't SUPPOSED TO BE put up".
Yes, well, still, please don't cut it too short.

They (evil french haircutters) seem to be convinced that the only way to cut hair is with layers.
"I don't want layers"
"I don't want you to cut layers please."
"What do you mean?"
"I like how it is. Please do not cut layers."
"I don't understand..."

After a few rounds of this I gave in and said okay, maybe a slight layering but not too short in front.

I had washed my hair just a few hours prior so that I wouldn't HAVE TO PAY for the shampoo. I told the assistant that I had just washed my hair, so she just wet it down.
I come out of the Beauty Beauty an hour layer, Farrah-Fawcett wings, chin length layers, and 31€ less.
I guess it looks okay, but of course, I can't make it do that on my own so it mostly gets pulled back in a ponytail. Which is back to the reason why I didn't want it too SHORT. Moving on.
Dad says that he thinks I am looking more French. I don't necessarily agree.

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Alisa in Los Angeles a dit…

I actually like it....but I don't know what it looked like before. Sometimes with cuts like that you'll hate it for 1 month and then as it grows out a bit you'll really like it. I'm hoping that is what will happen for you. It's just hair - it will grow. But 31euros isn't in Los Angeles it would have cost you over $100.00! Just came across your blog and enjoy reading about your adventures. My husband and I are moving toward a move to France. Been taking french for 3 years, but in America, so don't use it every day. Can't wait to get there and use it all the time!

screamish a dit…

Ah...I hesitate to post this because I believe it could be a secret discovery...maybe for a book like "Merde, actually"

But I have discovered that the key to French style is THE HAIR!

Seriously, you look at women's hair and its just different.

Back home I went to cafés or restaurants...and the waitresses hair is up scraped back in a rubber band or something...

I'm sure I'm onto something...

The Late Bloomer a dit…

Wow, I think you look great here! Lovely shot, just a really nice photo. You have such a fabulous smile, and to be honest, I think the haircut is very flattering. I imagine it might have been a bit crazier when you came out of the salon, like you said, but it doesn't seem that way here. It really seems to suit you!

I've been going to see the same hairdresser here in Paris for a few years now, and if you only KNEW how much I paid for him -- it's FAR too much, and I know it, and I probably won't be able to keep going back, but at least he makes me feel good about myself! Of course, he was pretty happy last time because I told him I was ready to go short -- that was basically a green light to "cut it all off!"... (which also means I will have to come back more often for trims, etc... -- win-win for the hairdresser, n'est-ce pas ?) I actually like my hair short, even if I guess it's starting to make me look older and older...

I've resigned myself to some things, though, including the fact that I'm starting to look more and more like my mom, and to the fact that I'm having to wear my glasses more and more -- I'm just no longer tolerating my contacts at all. Oh well -- that's life!

BTW, your job (from the little you've told us about it -- traveling to China!) sounds so interesting! I think it's great that you've found a good position for yourself down there in the South, because I imagine that they can't be easy to come by. And how cool that your photo is going to be put on the company website too!

The Late Bloomer a dit…

P.S. ~ I have to agree that 31€ is actually pretty cheap for the haircut -- again, you seriously would NOT want to know how much I have paid for mine up here, but let's just say it's pretty much twice that!

joy suzanne a dit…

I really like your haircut! It flatters you, I think.

Youropa a dit…

I also think your hair looks nice. My stylist charges $45 for a shampoo, cut, and blow-dry, so your 31 euros seemed high for just a trim. Anyway, I was happily surprised that you shared a picture with us. It'll make me want to return to your site.

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