dimanche 20 novembre 2011
(One of us folding laundry while the other one of us is getting ready to leave in the bathroom)

One: You know your boob-holder has "Everlast" written on it?
Other: (amused silence, pondering what was just said, and then deciding to take the conversational plungle) My what?
One: Boob-holder?
Other: A boob-holder is Réné Elizondo cover of Rolling stone. The article that you are holding is not a boob-holder.
One: Well, how do you call it then?
Other: Um, bra? From the French word brassiere?
vendredi 11 novembre 2011
Back in study mode, though I'm wondering why the weekend when we decide to go away somewhere for my birthday it rained like crazy, and the weekend where we decide to stay home and work it is nice and sunny.
On Wednesday we went to an impromptu poker party hosted by a PhD student at Alain's lab.

When I was regularly going up to Strasbourg one week per month, the guys got in the habit of holding poker nights. Alain bought a kit full of chips, from 1 to 100 value.

Alain informed me that I had to be home by 7 on Wednesday night. I complied, and we walked over to his colleague's apartment, bringing a bottle of wine and the poker chips.
There was a total of 8 players, mainly students and researchers from his lab. They amazingly managed to talk about something other than the diffusion of atoms during poker playing. Seven pizzas were bought, several bottles of beer were drunk, and many rounds of poker were played. We played the version where each person has two cards, then five cards are progressively put on the table. It was fun. I won a grand total of one hand, with a straight. At least, I think that is what it was, five cards in a row, from 2 to 7, but of different suits.

We begged out at about 11 pm and returned home.
this weekend, lots of loads of laundry, plus I am planning on doing two of the practice tests for my exam in March- it is arriving quickly.
Alain's grandparents want us to come visit them, so we will probably stop by for tea. And answer the inevitable question, "No Pepe, I'm not pregnant."

Leaving you with a new singer I just discovered, Ben Howard "The Fear".

dimanche 6 novembre 2011

Alain and I enjoy taking a weekend and visiting nearby cities. We have been to Arles (my first birthday here in France), Avignon (our first wedding anniversary), Nimes (his birthday a few years ago), Lyon (wedding anniversary a few years ago). We hadn't done any weekends away together lately (okay, really for several years, ever since we started working non-stop), so for my birthday (today- 32 years old!) I reserved a hotel in Orange, which is only about an hour away by highway.

(me, tired, bedraggled, and looking like something the cat dragged in out of the rain ->)

As it rained all last week and it was predicted to rain all weekend, we considered delaying our trip, but it was too late.

We left Saturday morning in the rain, arrived in Orange in the rain, checked into our hotel in the rain, went to eat lunch in the rain, went to visit the Antique Roman Theater in the rain, went back to our hotel in the rain, went to dinner in the rain, strolled around the city at night in the rain, went to breakfast in the rain, visited a museum in the rain, went to visit the Arc d'Triomphe in the rain, went to lunch in the rain, left Orange in the rain, and returned to Marseille where it is still raining!

Our socks, shoes, and jeans are all soaked.

Anyway, we had a good time. There were hardly any tourists, and we ate at some nice places. The hotel was very well situated, and only 50€ + 4€ for parking.

I would like to go back and see a concert or opera in the theater, but I imagine the tickets are expensive.

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