jeudi 11 mai 2006

Alain has a song that I like to call the Stinky Stinky Cheese Song.
Here is how it goes.
"Cheese, cheese, stinky stinky cheese.
Cheese, cheese, I want to eat you."
One of the best things about being in France is of course the cheese. There are so many variaties. Types of cheese that I never would have touched B.A. are really great tasting- goat cheese and peppery cheese and blue cheese. And most of it is really cheap here compared to the US. The same type of cheese, such as Boursin, is five times cheaper.
I proposed to Alain that I could travel around France, eating a different type of cheese every day and write a book about it (there are over 500 types of cheese according to the Cheese book he bought me for my birthday). I could call it "My Year of Cheese". He thought it was a strange idea. I don't know why.
Most tourists to France know that an entire meal can be made out of a hot baguette or two, a couple types of cheese, maybe a sausage, and some wine.

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