dimanche 2 juillet 2006

I have done it. I have completed Stage 1 of my Super Important Mission. I have converted Alain to the joys of Peanut Butter. That's right- Butter of the Peanuts.
The French, in general, seem to hate it and consider it as one of those Strange American Things. It is difficult to find in the average grocery store. Once, when I first arrived here, Alain and I were wandering the grocery store and I wondered out loud where the peanut butter was. Another American woman apparently overheard me and went off and got two jars of it to show me- it was located in the specialty Regional Foods section. Yes my fellow Americans, America was represented by Tex Mex Taco Filling, Tacos, and Peanut Butter. Sniff. (tear in my eye) I am so proud.
Apparently however the French didn't feel anything else was worth importing, such as chocolate (no big surprise there) soda, or sadly, Macaroni and Cheese. That is my next mission. Import a big case of it and hand it out free in the super markets. Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program.
Yes, anyway, so after a long time of funny looks, I have finally converted him to the simple joys of the Food of the Gods.
I knew I had succeeded in my mission when I heard him mutter the magical words "Beurre de Cacahouettes me manque." I miss Peanut Butter. (we were out of it, and since it is only available at one store, we made a pilgrimage Saturday and stocked up.) I don't understand it- they hate Peanut Butter, don't buy it, and don't eat it, but French peanut butter is really good. We buy it instead of the American good ol' Skippy. Still have not found Chunky peanut butter, but one can't have everything in life.
Stage 2- introduce the basic food groups:
the bread group- PB and jelly sandwich (or just plain PB sandwich)
the fruit and veggies group: PB and banana/apple or celery sticks
and then finally the crowning glory-----
the dessert group: PB and chocolate, bien sûr.

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themikestand a dit…

I'll try to think of your perils as I enjoy a very rare PB sandwich over here. It's bad for those watching their weight, you see ;)

also, you need to email me so you can explain your last comment on my blog. my wife's blog? Hmm...curious. You can find my email address link under my profile.

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