jeudi 31 août 2006
Well, here it is. The better (tasting) of the two loaves I made. I took the better looking one to Alain's parent's, not having tasted either of them. Since they were so thick and I used so much flower, they weren't completely cooked. Josée, bless her heart, tried to save it (like she did with my apple pie attempt) by putting it in her REAL OVEN longer, but it just turned out like burnt biscuits. Sigh. I think the problem was I didn't let the dough rise enough, and I added too much flour (about two times as much). Not having made bread before, I wasn't sure what the dough was supposed to feel/look like, so I just kept adding flour. Whoops.
On a happier note, I finally found baking soda today. Bicarbonate. I had to ask one of the stockers, repeating myself several times. Luckily, I didn't have to resort to pidgin French and wild hand movements. It was over with the salt. Why don't they put all of the baking items together? No idea. Still haven't found baking powder. If anyone knows what that is in French, please tell me.
The French seem to be very suspicious people. Everytime I go through the checkout, I have to show my bag or purse. Yes, because I am going to put $40 of groceries on the belt and steal five apples. It seems to be equal opportunity suspicion, as old ladies, young boys, everyone seems to be asked to show their bag. Do you want me to turn out my pockets too?
Alain and I are invited over to his aunt's for Sunday lunch. I think I won't attempt any of my creations. Or at least I will make one the day before and see how it turns out before inflicting them on anymore of his relatives. I do want to be invited back you see.

This just in- I found it! Hahahaha.
baker's yeast levure de boulanger
baking powder levure chimique : One "sachet" (11g packet) is about 2 teaspoons.
baking soda bicarbonate de sodium

I must say that I feel quite gratified that I am not the only foreigner in France with this problem.
From the blog Accidentally French
Baking powder evidently is not sold in stores in France. Baking powder is not the same as yeast. Not the same as baking soda. It is used in baking…clearly. But elusive as those damn iguanas with hats. Two trips to the store made by Nicola, countless time spent on French websites trying to find the equivalent, a call to Claire, one of the moms of a boy in Lorenzo’s class. She had some from Belgium that she let us borrow. Thank you Claire!

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