jeudi 23 novembre 2006

(and a great cry of joy was heard around the world)

So last year I had fish soup at school on Thanksgiving Day, this year I had a workshop on how to write a cover letter. Woohoo.
I think of all seasons, I miss Autumn the most. It has a distinct feel in the US that is missing here in France. It gets cold, the leaves turn brown and die, and hoop! it's winter. Autumn in the US has apple cider and Halloween and Thanksgiving and the beautiful leaves and Starbucks Gingerbread Latte and football games (even if I hardly ever went to or watched a football game, they were there). Here I can't find a turkey, would have to special order it in a butcher shop, can't find pumpkin pie mix or cranberries. I guess in the bigger cities, like London or Paris with larger ex-pat communities, there will be groups of people that get together and have Thanksgiving pot-lucks. Some restaurants even offer Thanksgiving meals, but not here in Marseille. But mom is fixing "Thanksgiving in December" per special request when we go home.
So for our Thanksgiving meal this year, I had whole wheat pasta, ham, and tomatos with mozzarella. Alain realized it was Thanksgiving (from the news on TV) and asked why weren't celebrating it. Because, I told him, I can't do a turkey in our toaster oven. Well, we could celebrate it with something else. (This coming from a man who had lobster each Thanksgiving he was in the US). No, we can't. If it isn't turkey, it isn't Thanksgiving. I would rather not celebrate than celebrate with something like duck.
So, any Americans actually celebrating Thanksgiving today, eat an extra piece of pie for me. But don't send me the leftovers.

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Anonyme a dit…

Too bad you don't live in Paris. There is an actual Thanksgiving Store there:

Anonyme a dit…

In response to your questions:
My friend dragged me, kicking and screaming, to Paris in 1999. It was love at first sight. Actually, before we even left CDG. Once we arrived in the city, I was completely captivated.
I'm not sure if G and P are pacsed, but I would be surprised to find they are not.
Microprix is a tiny little place run by the guy who runs it. Not part of the Monoprix chain.
I have been trying to learn French since the first visit. Je parle an peu le Francais, mais je ne comprend pas!

Anonyme a dit…

"run by the guy who runs it" should be: owned by the guy who runs it.

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