mercredi 20 décembre 2006
So tomorrow we are flying back to the US. I wanted to write something witty and clever, but can't come up with anything. I have had several mini heart-attacks along the way, such as what day our return flight actually is (Ie do we leave on the 4th and get in on the fifth or leave on the third and get in on the fourth? the ticket declines to specify) and where the heck our Eticket was. Each email I found from the company said "This is not your eticket". Well what is our eticket pray tell?
I feel strange to be going back. I haven't been back since moving here a year and a half ago. There is so much I want to do and see and eat, and so little time to do it in. However, at this point I will be happy with just arriving as a big snowstorm is in progress.
Happy holidays everyone!

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Anonyme a dit…

Happy holidays!! Have a wonderful and safe trip.


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