dimanche 16 mars 2008
Every once in awhile, I have one of those "Is this really my life?" moments/days.

Alain is leaving tomorrow to go on a business trip, so today, instead of working on the apartment as is our usual Sunday, we decided to take a day off.

The morning we had our weekly Sunday morning croissant and cappucino. Then we got on his motorcycle and went driving along the sea out to the Calanques. There I was, riding on the back of my French husband's motorcycle along the Mediterranean coast. Wow. Surely somewhere I never thought I would be 5 years ago. I guess 5 years ago I would have imagined that in 5 years I would be done with my PhD in microelectronics, teaching at some college somewhere, dating or married to another college professor or else working for the Government in Northern Virginia.

Then along came a Frenchman, and here I am. In a city I had heard of before, but would have been hard pressed to find on a blank map of France (though I would have probably picked "near the coast"). Wizzing along on the back of a motorcycle, which would have scared the beejesus out of me. Working in Intellectual Property. Married to a researcher (so that part isn't so far off.)

After driving around for awhile, we stopped and had milkshakes from Quick, then came home for lunch, then went again to see the movie "Be Kind Rewind" at one of the Original Version movie theaters.

Off to bed early tonight because I am taking Alain to the airport, ETD 6 am, followed by a full day of work.

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