jeudi 19 juin 2008
I swear, I work in the soundtrack of the Amelie movie. There are two accordion players who like to hang out right around the building where I work in Aix. They like this road in particular because it is a main road that tourists take. When they first started playing a month or so ago, I thought it was quaint and French. Now, after day after day of accordion music, it is just annoying and French. About two weeks ago I cracked and begged my boss to call the police, the "noise control" squad. They came and chased them away. Which was good for about half a day. Now I just have to put in earplugs, go into a different part of the office, or listen to my Ipod. As far as accordion players go, they aren't bad. But I think I have heard the same three songs about 30 times each now. It has become just a constant accordiony whine in my brain. I feel like asking them, "If I give you 10€, how much time of silence does that buy me?" "A day? Okay!"
Today I had a treat, there was a violin player outside.

The Day of Music, June 21st, is coming up. It is a day when everyone, talented or not, is encouraged to make music somehow- singing, blasting their radios, etc. Oh fantastic!

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Ksam a dit…

Ha, that used to happen to me every summer when I worked at the Port - there were these Peruvians that would dress up as Indians and play the drums all day long right outside our door. It was nice the first day, but got old really fast after that!

Starman a dit…

I can easily understand your feelings on this.

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