mercredi 24 septembre 2008
About a year ago, when we got ready to re-do our toilet room, I bought some blue tiles from Leroi Merlin to tile behind the toilet seat.

"The exact color we needed... What a deal!"

So the two huge buckets of paint have been sitting in the smallest bedroom for about a year now, waiting to be used. Alain was afraid that they would go bad. I doubted it.

After the previous week's hilarities of trying to paint the wall white when it doesn't want to be painted white, I started painting the blue portion this weekend. We put a piece of crown molding (chair rail?) around to separate the blue and white sections. We were originally going to paint the entire wall blue, but then came across the same problem as the other rooms- how to separate between the wall and the ceiling when it is rounded? We could have put crown molding along the top, but it would have looked funny in such a small room in our opinion.

Anyway, I painted the first layer- not the same color as the tiles.

Well, maybe the second layer will be darker.

Nope, still different.

And I don't think it is because the paint went bad.

When I bought the paint, there was no computer-matching, or at least, not that they offered. I thought that a different color would be better, but the paint "expert" said no, that this color would be the same once applied.

I am quickly learning never to trust the people who work in home improvement stores. Most of the time, they know as much as you do about painting/tiling/electrical work, etc.

So everyone, here are the results.

Please vote for one of the following options:

A) Leave as is and move on to one of the 177 other things that need to be done in the apartment.
B) Get a computer-matched paint and repaint just the toilet room.
C) Get a computer-matched paint and get rid of somehow the other two buckets of unused paint (about 100€ worth)
D) paint the bottom half white and leave the chair rail as is or paint other color
E) other (please explain).

The difference in color isn't a huge deal, but we did choose that blue to match with the tiles.
I like the blue paint, but would like it better if it matched.
Re-painting the toilet room isn't a big deal- small surface, easy to paint. However, if we are going to change all the blue, it should be done before we paint our bedroom, the smallest bedroom, and the hallway.


3 commentaires:

Astrid a dit…

Never trust the Casto guys! I'm sure I talked to a colourblind dude when I chose my bathroom/livingroom colour!

I can't see a huge difference between the wall and the tiles in this photo so to me it looks good.
However if the diffrence seem big to you, and you'd keep on being annoyed about it, then redo it. The surface seem fairly small so the cost in time and money should be too high.

Good luck!

Anonyme a dit…

I would get the matching paint because it will probably start to really bother you as time goes on and it would be worth it just to do it now and have one less thing to think about.

Anonyme a dit…

Hmmm. I vote for (A). I actually like the slight contrast in shades of blue. I don't believe you'll ever be able to match exactly. Renovating an apartment is such a long process. I'd move on to something else.

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