dimanche 12 avril 2009
Alain's family decided to celebrate Easter on Easter Monday, instead of Sunday.

Saturday was an Epically Lazy Saturday.
Here is what I did- got up, went to the grocery store, and got mentally lost several times while perusing the aisles. What am I here for? Oh yeah. Yogurt. Wake up Megan.
Came back home, and we watched three episodes of Lost (season 3). Ate lunch. Then I napped on the couch for about four hours while Alain watched various Jean-Claude van Damme movies.
Woke up around 5, went and rented a movie. Came back, ordered pizza, and then ate said pizza while watching the movie ("The Happening"). Went to bed at around 10 pm, exhausted.

Sunday- more Lost, then spent the afternoon putting our medium-sized bedroom back together. We painted it white a few weeks ago. This is another room that defies the "painting is easy" mentality.

ONE DAY after painting, there were cracks in the paint. So incredibly frustrating. Alain sanded and repainted. There were more cracks. We gave up.
Also, it turns out that Ancient Egyptians were better builders than French Workers in the 1950's (no comment upon the present-day French builders, someone else with more a recently-constructed dwelling will have to fill us all in).
Nothing. Is. Straight.
Looks like they just guesstimated about all those darn silly angles.

In honor of Chitlins & Camembert, I am posting our own
Bare Lightbulb Hanging From A Rosace Picture.

Sunday afternoon, after removing all the tape, cleaning the paint off the window, and putting the furniture back, we replaced the World's Ugliest Plugs (brown and beige- ergh) with the new ones we bought. Managed to not get electrocuted, which is always a bonus.

Didn't put up the light we bought, mainly because we didn't have a lightbulb for it. Also need to go buy a curtain rod and curtains (my favorite part!).

One more room sorta finished. Not perfect but moving on.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Megan, you are too funny. I hate bricolage. Your ceiling light looks pretty darn good to me.
Glad you had a terrific Easter weekend. HA HA!

amerigirl a dit…

We live in a newish place. It is about 5 years old. The paint in the Bathroom is all but completely peeled off, since the ventilation system doesn't work. And we have extensive water damage because water gets into a crack between our "maison de ville" and another one. Good thing we are just renting.

Starman a dit…

What really puzzles me is people who leave the light like that with no intention of ever making it right.

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