samedi 13 février 2010
Alain planned a Valentine's surprise for me: earlier in the week, he told me that he had made reservations for a restaurant for Friday night, but he wouldn't tell me where.
It was a Chateau that we had visited but hadn't eaten in, and not too far from where we are.
I couldn't figure out where it could be. We looked at several Chateaux before deciding on our wedding venue, but they aren't too close to Marseille.
Chateau d'If?
The Chateau by the Vieux Port?
No, and no.
Once we got in the car, and I saw what direction we were going, I guessed.
Chateau Gombert?
It is a neighborhood area of Marseille, near where his lab is.
There is an old chateau/museum/restaurant. Back in September, we had gone there to pick up an American guy who was staying in a hotel nearby (who had come to teach Alain's team how to use their 1+ million dollar toy)
To see their site, go here:

We arrived a few minutes after 8, sat a table for two near the fireplace (but not quite near enough I'm afraid).
There were two choices: Menu Gastronomique (meat + fish) for 45€ or Menu Classique (meat or fish) for 35€. We both took the Menu Classique (thank goodness too, it was way too much).
The place has a decidedly Provençal flair, and I suppose they use mainly local ingredients and recipes.

Here is what we had: (sorry, I can only do a bare translation for those who don't understand French)

Effervescense des papilles
Coqueline de chèvre adoucie de miel et de sésame
Croustillant sensuel de canard et d'oignon dorloté au gingembre
(A goat cheese mousse with honey and sesame seed on a thin cracker- very good
A flaky pastry of duck and onion with ginger - good)

Rencontre impromptue
Foie gras mi-cuit maison en harmonie avec son chutney de figue aux épices
(Foie-gras with a figue chutney, on homemade bread- excellent)

Sous la robe d'une vierge
Pavé de saumon grillé revêtu d'une huile vierge
accompagné de fritots de panisse au romarin
(Grilled salmon with olive oil - excellent
with panisse- so-so)

Union endiablée
Carré d'agneau tendrement rôti, convolé d'une aphrodisiaque sauce suave
Rizotto onctueux flèches de Cupidon
(Lamb tenderly roasted with an aphrodisiac sauce, and risotto)

Volupté ou duo de Cupidon
Coeur de chocolat marié à une légère douceur de passion
(Chocolate fondant (like a brownie with a melty chocolate center) and a passion fruit mousse- both excellent)

The meal was very good, but I couldn't even finish the chocolate dessert! What a shame.
We left around 10 pm.

Definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who visits Marseille.

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Starman a dit…

What is going on with French restaurants? One of the things we loved about them was that they gave you just enough to fill you up but not enough to make you ill. Now, they all seem to want to stuff you. I once ordered a dinner in Paris that, when brought to the table, I was certain it was for at least two. But no, it was just for me. There was no way I could consume that much at one sitting. And the waitress had the nerve to scold me because I didn't finish it.

Anonyme a dit…

My goodness, fish and meat? That's rare isn't it? Sounds delicious but alot of food.
What a very nice V-day present!

Anonyme a dit…

Sounds heavenly. Especially the dessert!

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