samedi 31 juillet 2010
When I went to the supermarket this morning, on the announcements board there was a large sign "Les Majorettes de Marseille recrutent!"
Must be between 165 and 180 centimeters, and preferably have Majorette/PomPon experience. Briefly toyed with the idea of "trying out".
Competitions in France and Europe!

Though I am one centimeter too short, I am almost certain that they would take me, as I have actual US cheerleading/pompon experience, which is different than in France, where it seems to be mostly just marching in line wearing high boots, an outfit from the 1980's, and waving pom pons around.

But who am I kidding? I can't see myself asking my boss:
"Can I have three days off next week?"
"Maybe. Why?"
"To go to a Majorette competition in Paris."

Plus, I don't really have the time for practicing every Saturday from 14:30 to 18:00. Though it would be nice to meet some other women.

Sigh. My Cheerleading Days are officially over.

3 commentaires:

Mwa a dit…

Oh but you should!!! That sounds like a whole lot of silly fun. And I want pictures!

Sara Louise a dit…

But it would be so awesome if you did try out! You could show them how it's really done... U.S. style! :-)

The ColoIowaConnectifrancilite a dit…

Il faut essayer! At least it would provide great blog material!

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