lundi 4 avril 2011
Every six months or so, I rotate my closet shelves. Well, the stuff for summer or winter goes up or down. I also take it as an opportunity to organize, remember what clothes I have, and get rid of stuff I don't wear.

Next October, I swear, everything on the "summer" shelf that didn't get worn at least once April-September is outta there.

Which will be, (you know the answer) an excuse to buy more clothes!!!

Anyway, I offer you a comparative study of our closet halves. (I'm still trying to figure out how I, The Woman, got duped into taking the smaller half. Oh yeah! Because he promised me I could put stuff on his side and is now reneging on his promise!)

First up, his closet, as above. If you can't see my labels, click on the picture.

Pretty self-explanatory.

Next, my closet.

well, at least I have color.

And some fabric other than denim or cotton.

Maximum usage of space as well.

Everything starts out nice and folded, but when I reach the vertical limit per shelf, stuff just gets shoved in wherever it will fit.

And this isn't counting my bin of shoes underneath, nor the two shoe bins in the entranceway.

Our coats and laundry hampers are behind the mirrored portion on the right.

8 commentaires:

Lo a dit…

What you need are a couple chests of drawers.

flutterby a dit…

How about clear plastic bins? Easier to get at what you need that way.

Mwa a dit…

OMG how do you manage? I think I easily have five times as much space as you for my clothes, and my husband at least three times. And I didn't think we had that many clothes. Maybe we should downsize a bit...

Starman a dit…

Well, obviously, the problem is the poor guy doesn't have enough white T-shirts.

Samantha Vérant a dit…

My hubby built me a closet (it used to be a porch). Well, the thirteen-year-old and I share it, though my area (considering I have more clothes) is larger. I **just organized it the other day, spending time getting rid of things I never wear. A rule? If it hasn't found it's way onto my body in three's gone!

deedee a dit…

I really need to get rid of some clothes.

Anonyme a dit…

You are both very frugal. We've both got closets and dressers full of stuff, even after weeding through it.
You might want to start helping folks organize as a paying job!

Michel a dit…

Cleaning out once a year is a good idea that was forced upon me. One day about a year ago, I came home and entered our large walk-in closet and I found that my part of the closest and cupboards were totally bare, everything gone. I immediately assumed she was tossing me out for some sort of failing which I knew nothing about. By the time I got hold of her, I had found my clothes in the guest room with written instructions to go through my things and only put back what I wear or would wear in the future. Everything else was to go to Good Will. I got rid of a ton of clothes and freed up lots of space.

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