mardi 19 avril 2011
Sorry for not posting in a long time.
I've been out of it, I guess an emotional come down from non-stop studying for the exams at the beginning of March, followed by my trip back to the US for two weeks, then returning to France.

Things are very warm here in the South of France, which probably means a long hot summer. Alain and I may go Portugal for a week at the end of June, he has a conference and I would tag along. Then he has another one in Dijon. We don't have any summer holidays planned, except for maybe a long weekend in San Remo, Italy. (which is really about all I can stand of it, yet every year I want to go back. Strange)

Alain has all of August off, so he is going to try and finish his Habilitation, and the exam results are released the first week or so of August. Each candidate was assigned a number, and the office will publish a list with all the numbers and marks for each exam (A,B,C,D). So you just have to find your number and see what you got.
I am trying to get back into study mode, especiallly to study for exam D, but it is hard to concentrate.

Anyway, Easter is this weekend, so we will be going to Alain's aunt's house, along with pepe and meme, my parents-in-law, and Alain's sister, her husband, and their two girls. Should be a fun time, then no work on Monday, yay!

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Starman a dit…

What is "habilitation" ?
Eric Tenin of Paris Daily Photo stated in today's photo that it has been amazingly hot in Paris. All the way up to 9°C. To my Floridian mind, that's 11° below freezing.

Michel a dit…

I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family. Enjoy your day off on Monday.

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