dimanche 22 avril 2012
I have to confess something:

I am not entirely sure why, but whenever I vote in person (as opposed to mail-in) I get all choked up. It happened when I voted in the US in 2004 (went back to my car and cried) and it happened this time.

A few weeks ago, both Alain and I received packets containing every candidate's flyer and ten slips of paper, one with each candidate's name on it. Instead of having one paper with all the names and you select one, you get all the names and put the one you want in the envelope.

The flyers were interesting- set forth each candidate's campaign. I spent a few nights reading them all and making my choice. We also received our electoral cards, with the name and address of where we are supposed to vote, and our name and address.

Our voting place was the local high school, a few blocks away. I wasn't sure what time it opened, as it wasn't listed on the card. I wanted to go right away when we woke up this morning, but we went running first, had our coffee and croissants, then headed on over around 11. There were actually two voting rooms in the high school. We waited about ten minutes before getting into the voting room, where you could take the slips of paper if you hadn't brought yours with you. Technically, you are supposed to take all slips with you behind the curtain, not just the slip corresponding to the candidate you wish to vote for.

I went behind the curtain and the tears started. I had warned Alain beforehand that I might cry.
I selected my candidate and came on out, waiting in another line, about twenty minutes this time, before getting to the ballot box. I handed the woman my passport and electoral card, she uncovered the hole for the box, I slipped in my envelope, and she said "A voté!" I then signed my name and they stamped my card, and that is it until the next round.

Some people were complaining about the wait, but seriously? 30 minutes is too long every five years? 30 minutes is long, I grant you, when standing in line at McDonalds with screaming children popping balloons all over the place, but really, it wasn't that bad. I thought the wait would be much longer as we are in the city and went late in the morning.

So that is that. Now we wait to hear which two candidates advance to the next round, in two weeks.

3 commentaires:

chcmichel a dit…

Sounds like it came out the way everyone expected and there was a great turnout; much higher than we ever get in the USA.

Sara Louise a dit…

30 minutes is not too long! Did you see the lines at the French embassy in London on the news? Now that is long wait!

Starman a dit…

It seems the French have yet to learn about paper and trees.

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