dimanche 13 mai 2012
On Thursday, the garage informed me that my car was finished.
(The other garagist never even bothered to call)

I picked it up after work, 775€ poorer. Ouch. Hopefully, she will hang on for another couple of years.
I then drove it over to the parking garage, where I have a monthly pass, and had parked my in-law's car that morning. I parked our car outside, went in, fetched the other car, drove it out of the garage, parked it, then drove in our car and parked it.

I then drove the other car to my in-law's, taking the expressway, 1.80€, rather than the windy evening-commute clogged roads. I filled it up with gas, and parked it at my in-law's.
Alain met me there on his motorcyle straight from work. We stayed for a few minutes discussing with his parents, then left on his motorcycle. I had brought my motorcycle jacket and helmet in the car with me that morning. We drove back to Aix on the expressway, and I directed him to the parking garage. I then went in and got our car, then I drove home from Aix in our car, and Alain drove home on his motorcycle.

So now we have our car back, and are out about 900€ taking into account the parking, gas for my in-law's car, and the repairs.
I took it out of my Renault Mégane savings.

3 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

When I read "the garage informed me that my car was finished." I thought you meant it couldn't be repaired. €900 is a lot for a car that's near the end of its usefulness.

Sue a dit…

Hope the car can hang on until you move to a place with better parking!
Parking in Marseilles is a nightmare.

chcmichel a dit…

I am happy to hear your car is fixed and in-laws car is back home. I hope it lasts you long enough to make your expensive repairs worthwhile.

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