mercredi 18 juillet 2012
Apologies for the inspirational quotes from pop songs, but....
Hell yeah.
Four and a half years of work, countless nights and weekends studying, trips back and forth to Strasbourg, Paris, hours and hours of exams, and it all comes down to this.
Got a mass email last week from the European Patent Office that the results would be released today, July 18th. Usually it is the beginning of August, so it was much earlier this year, perhaps because they instituted a pre-qualifying exam (an exam that you must pass in order to be admitted to the main exam, whoopee).

The results are posted in a PDF file on their website, with the scores listed by numbers assigned to each candidate.

Dreamt last night that I was frantically searching for my results, the numbers were all out of order, and I couldn't find them...

So only one exam-result anxiety dream this year, which is an improvement over last year, when I had at least five.

Woke up this morning before 6 and logged on to the website. Nothing yet.
8 am: Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Damn it, when are they going to post it?
8:30 am: Check the forum. No comments yet. What the hell is taking so long? They posted them around 8:30 last year.


The results are posted!!! Quick download the PDF file, type in my ID number, hit search.
Please Lord, Please Lord, Please Lord, let me have at least a 45. I'll be happy with a 45.
(out of 100, not too shabby)

6 commentaires:

MilkJam a dit…

Let me be the first to scream and shout CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ksam a dit…

That's amazing, congratulations!! And 83 is an excellent score. :) I have been following this journey all the way and rooting for you the whole time, on to bigger and better things now!

Sue a dit…

We are so proud of you and knew you could do it all the time. Another huge accomplishment for a very special gal. Now go celebrate.

Michel a dit…

Congratulations to you Megan. I have followed your journey and I am thrilled to hear you did so well on the exam.

Starman a dit…


Sara Louise a dit…

Not too shabby at all!! Downright awesome! Huge congratulations to you Megan!! BISOUS!

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