dimanche 22 septembre 2013
I couldn't help it, after doing so many crosstitches for other people, I finally did one for me, with a green and white Irish theme. My childhood bedroom had a large black iron four-poster bed, with a canopy. I had fake ivy winding up the posts, with lace enclosing three sides, green and white sheets, and pillows, cushions, and curtains with an ivy-and-lace theme. I loved it. 
Anyway, here are some photos.

She is holding a four-leaf clover, which was not easy to do.
It doesn't look as nice when it isn't stretched and framed, but oh well. It isn't like I was going to hang it up in our bedroom, which leads Alain to ask, what's the point of doing it?
Men. They just don't understand.
I can't wait to do one for our daughter (assuming it is a daughter) but first we need to decide on a name. I'll probably wait a few years anyway, and let her choose the colors and style.
Little girls are so much fun!
I bought a baby name book yesterday and have been browsing a few sites. Truthfully, there is too much choixe nowadays.
And people put so much emphasis on names.
Maybe we will just name her Mildred and be done with it.

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