vendredi 25 octobre 2013
I stopped by H&M after work to check out their maternity section. Not that I actually need any maternity clothes yet, but I wanted to see what they had. Besides some pants with elastic waistlines, it seems like most maternity shirts are simply "bigger than what you would normally wear". Anyway, couldn't resist a set of six onesies ( or "bodies" as they are called in French). I love dad, I love mum, I love mum& dad, mum&dad, plain white, plain black. No idea for what age of they baby they are supposed to fit.

Been looking at the list of recommended baby stuff, and it is quite astonishing. Six pjs for 1 month old, six pjs for 3 months, six pjs for 6 months, and six pjs for 1 year. Do they really just live in their pjs? I am ready to believe it, since they sleep for what, 19 hours a day? Maybe it just isn't even worth dressing them for the 30 minutes they are awake at a time.

Wish I could live in my pjs. Oh wait, I do.

Or is it just that the pjs get so covered in vomit and other stuff that at least half are in the wash at any given time? This is something I am also quite ready to believe since when we met with potential nannies, they all seemed to have two washing machines. 

In fact, I am ready to believe about anything about babies right now. Their ear hair grows three times as fast as adults', and needs to be trimmed weekly with gold-plated scissors? Uh, okay sure.

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