dimanche 27 novembre 2005

One thing that the Marsellais really love is Pizza. Even more so than Americans. Within five minutes of walking distance, there must be at least 20 pizza places. We have tried most of them (for purely scientifc statistical analysis purposes of course) and have found our favorite, Chez Cyril. Chez is a word that commonly means Place. It is used a lot for restaurants, but also means my place, chez moi, your place, chez toi, etc. In french the possessive 's is not used.
All are take-out/delivery. The prices are generally all between 7 and 10 euros. All small towns have at least one pizza place, and usually a pizza van too. The pizza vans like to park right by the Metro entrance, which is quite tempting when returning from school.
The picture above is of the first pizza place we tried. Okay, but not great. You can sit inside at the smoky bar if you want, or you can sit out on the street and watch cars go by. We decided to bring it home and eat.

Typical pizza- thin crust, not a lot of sauce, slightly burnt edge, cooked "feu de bois" (woodfire), with four whole black olives. You can order a plain cheese pizza, and you will still get the olives. You have to ask for them to not be put on if you don't want them. But they are very good.

Toppings are usually ham, spicy sausages, creme fraiche, mushrooms, onions, seafood, curry, eggs, herbs, chicken, and cheeses. This isn't your regular grated mozzarella cheese either, remember this is France. You can have goat cheese Chevre, blue cheese Roquefort, emmental, mozzarella, etc.
Most popular pizza- anchois. That's right, anchovies. The most feared pizza topping in the US is the number one choice here.
Besides pizza, you can order chaussons (like calzones), ice cream, sodas, biere, and of course wine.

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