lundi 28 novembre 2005

Yesterday afternoon Alain and I took the metro down to the Vieux Port. From there, we walked along the Corniche, along the edge of the sea. It was a beautiful day, bright and sunny, but a little windy. We walked to the Monuments aux Rapatriés, which we had driven by many times, but never stopped and looked at. I thought that it was some sort of "Gateway to the Sea", but it wasn't. It is a Memorial for the first World War.

Then we explored the area Vallon des Auffes, which is described as "A tiny picturesque fishing harbour with large boats and small boats with pointed bows (pointus), well known for its fish restaurants." It is very cute area, like a tiny fishing village inside a big city. I guess it is the kind of place where if you are lucky enough to have a house, you don't ever ever sell, you just pass it down to your descendants. The houses are tiny and there are no cars. From there we stopped at a cafe and had a hot chocolate, then walked back to the Vieux Port, and took the subway home.

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screamish a dit…

WOW...its so amazing reading your old posts...I started out in marseille too, all that first discovery stuff, visiting new places, it seems so long ago.

Isnt it amazing how much you've changed, how things are different now (and much easier?)

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