vendredi 24 février 2006
Yep. Today was the first time.
Stepped in a big orange squishy dog turd.
Was walking and talking to another girl in my class, didn't watch where I was stepping and squish.
They say it is good luck, but I think they say that just to make you feel better about it.
After that we went into a museum. I was afraid I was leaving big organge footprints on the floor, but no.
When I got back to the school, I went into the bathroom and removed most of it, then used Alain's toothbrush.
Haha, just kidding about that last part. I waited until I got home, bien sûr, before using his toothbrush.

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Ed/Sue Smith a dit…
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Ed/Sue Smith a dit…

Wow, I'm glad that didn't happen when I was there. Guess it was partially frozen anyway. Mom

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