dimanche 2 avril 2006

Resembling the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Gate of Aix marks the entrance of Marseille. It was modeled on the ancient Arc d'Orange, erected by Penchaud in 1823, finished in 1825 to commemorate the victories of the French Revolution and the First Empire, and as a tribute to "the glory of the Republic, the Consulate, and the Empire". Eight military statues used to dominate the monument, but have now been destroyed. With its inscriptions and bas-reliefs, and sculpture by David d'Angers and Ramey, the arch marks the old entrance to the city. This place is particularly important for the city : it was the only way to connect Marseille with Aix-en-Provence and Paris, with a prestigious north-south perspective.
The inscription on the front reads: "to the thankful Republic". It is close to the train station Gare St. Charles, and the Vieux Port. Below: some random old wall right near the Arc. I would provide more info, but couldn't find any plaques.

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