vendredi 31 mars 2006
Here is a pop quiz inspired by the sweatshirts and T-shirts I have seen on the streets of Marseille.
What does FBI stand for?
A) Fabulous Boy Inside
B) Fashion Boy Interesting
C) Fantastic Bachelor Interested
D) Federal Bureau of Investigation
E) choices A-C
F) all of the above
G) none of the above

Ok, if you are American, you will probably answer D.
But if you are Marseillais you will have seen A-C and probably other configurations on the streets. Haven't seen any CIA ones yet. Can't imagine what they could come up with for that. It is just funny because sometimes I want to tap them on the shoulder and say "Do you know that what you have written on your back makes no logical sense whatsoever?"
It is funny because in the US we like to give places French names to make them sound more chic. Restaurants- Chez Jacques, Chez Alain, Chez etc. When all it really means is X's Place. Or bakeries- Au Bon Pain, Le Boulangerie. Flower shops- Le Nom de la Rose
And here some stores are given English names, or at least English signs. Makes it sound more chic I guess.
Any suggestions for other CIA/FBI acronyms?

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