mardi 27 février 2007
Lack of a job or classes to take is starting to make me focus my energy towards different areas. Nothing worthwhile like bettering my French or learning how to cook of course. No, instead I prefer to learn calligraphy, take up painting again, crosstitch like crazy, start to learn shorthand, and buy a recorder (hot cross buns, one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns, yeah you know what I am talking about.) Of course, my restless state of mind means that I pursue each of these activities (in between frantically searching on the internet for new job postings) for about two days before moving onto another pursuit. So I have half-finished scrapbook pages, wedding stuff that still needs organizing, and various other projects in various states of completion all around our apartment. Which is itself in a state of confusion. But it is getting there. I keep trying to remind myself that when I do have a job (okay, if) I will look back on this time with envy, when I had enough time to go to the grocery store, wait an hour in line at the post office, etc. But I can't enjoy it now because I feel frustrated and frazzled.

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CraftyRachel a dit…

Hang in there! This is the way I get any project done. Start 5 all at once! Cross stitch is fun; I don't think I've tackled that in years, because it really takes some concentration!

I lived in Aix for the academic year 1999-2000. I studied at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques and lived near the Place Richelm (I can't even remember the name of the street! Has it been too long?) I do remember working on a very long, straight scarf while living there...

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