jeudi 22 février 2007
Yesterday I took the TGV up to Dijon for an interview with a headhunting company for a post here in Marseille. I have never been to Dijon before, so I was quite excited to go. The train left Marseille at 6 am, so I got up at 4:30 to get ready, and Alain accompanied me to the train station. The train stopped in Lyon and a few other small towns on the way. It took a total of 3 hours and 40 minutes to get there. Once I arrived in Dijon, I took a bus to my interview. The interview went well, lasted about an hour. After that, I walked back towards the center of town (it isn't a huge town) and wandered around for awhile. Found a cute, original place to eat near the Notre-Dame cathedral. Alas, it was cute but the food was only so-so and the service indifferent. I had the menu for 19 euros, which included an appetizer (cold jellied ham), main dish of beef burgundy (when in Burgundy right?), and a dessert (some sort of nutty icecream). Then wandered around some more.

The mascot of Dijon seems to be an owl. It was on everything- signs, shops, etc. I think it is because there is a small stone carving of an owl on the cathedral, and if you touch it, it is supposed to give you good luck. I went and touched it with my right hand, and a passing Dijonaise told me "La main gauche!" (the left hand). I asked her why it was supposed to be the left hand, and she said because with the right it doesn't bring good luck. So I touched it again with the left.
(La Chouette ---->)

One thing I noticed was how clean the streets were. No trash, no graffitti, and most importantly- no dog poop. I think I saw a grand total of 3 dog poops. Which is about 9,997 less than in Marseille. If the Dijonaises can get the hang of it, why can't the Marseillaises?

Another pretty thing where all of the colorful roof tiles and the half timbered houses. I didn't go any of the museums, and after awhile was getting tired. My feet hurt and the weather was drizzly. Used a public, self-cleaning toilet.
Hey, for 30 cents, it beats going into a cafe, being forced to order something (like another coffee for 1.50) and then using their unstellar facilities.
Bought lots of mini mustard samples for us and Alain's family. I never even knew so many types of mustard existed. I bought Honey & Balsamic, Green Peppercorn, Whole Grained, Basil, Strong, Blackcurrant, Honey, Regular Dijon, and interestingly, Gingerbread Dijon Mustard. Hmm. I guess Dijon is also famous for it's gingerbread, from when it used to be a crossroads for the spice route.
Took a bus back to the train station (could have walked but was so turned around) and caught my train at 16:41 back to Marseille, getting in at 20:24.

For more on Dijon from wikipedia

(<--- Another mini Arc de triomphe!)

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Mlle Smith a dit…

Montpellier has a replica of the Arc de Triomphe, too...I can't wait to see it in person! It seems to be some sort of terracotta color, judging from the pictures I've seen.

And of course, we have one here in Manhattan, right near the NYU campus.

CraftyRachel a dit…

What an eventful day! Glad you got to have the full experience, with the mustard and the rooftiles and all. C'est chouette! :D

Ha, I love what you say about the dog poop. When I lived in Aix-en-Provence I managed to avoid stepping in it for months, but one day in Marseille had both of my shoe bottoms covered in it!

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