samedi 31 mars 2007

Last night Alain and I went with two of his work colleagues to go watch a movie (300 by the way, not my choice). We first bought the tickets. The large movie theaters now are starting to use the automatic ticket dispensers. Nine euros per ticket, ouch. I think that even beats most standard American movie theaters.
We had about 50 minutes before the movie started, at 9:30. We decided we didn't have time for a real sit-down meal, so our choices were basically McDonalds, Casino cafeteria (never been but looks like Flunch!), and a restaurant called Pizza Pai. (pie, get it?)
We decided on pizza, and went in. We sat down, in the smoking section because it had a table for four. Before ordering, we specifically asked the waitress if she thought we would have enough time to order our pizza and eat before the film (40 minutes and counting by now). She said yes.
We each ordered a pizza, which comes with a small buffet of salad, pasta, and bread rolls. One guy said that he just wanted a pizza, not the buffet, but when informed that it wasn't cheaper getting just the pizza, he decided to go with the buffet as well because it was "free". We each had a small plate of the buffet and a bread roll and waited. And waited. I know it was a Friday night, the restaurant was heading towards busy, but nothing.
At about 9:20 we figured that we had had enough, and it was time to go. We went to talk to the girl who had taken our order, and asked if it would be ready soon. She said it would be soon. We waited, then decided to make motions towards the door, which would bring some action. The other waitress came and said she would get the manager. We waited, he didn't come so we walked out the door. He quickly came out "Excuse me, is there a problem?" We explained, he said he would charge us just for the salads, 4 euros each. Uh, we were told by the waitress that the salad was free, the pizza is what we have to pay for. Besides, we didn't eat much salad as we were saving room for PIZZA! Since we didn't get the pizza nor eat much salad, why should we pay for the free salad?
Alain finally just gave him five euros, but the manager was fed up so he gave it back and stalked off. I felt a little bad and a little rebellious, but I didn't want to give up our 18 euros movie tickets. After the movie, we went to McDonalds at 11:45.
Guess we won't be allowed back in that restaurant ever again.

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