samedi 10 mars 2007

On my way home from work last night, I saw a sign in shop that made me laugh. It was a shop that sells plaques that people buy to put on tombs with things like "To my dear mother...". They were offering a special reduction of 20%.


Goodness, I think I'll die now to save my loved ones 20%.

Let's bump off Aunt Mildred now and save 20% on burying the old bat. Sure don't want to spend that extra on her.

Dear Dad, you have taught me so much about saving money wisely. I even saved on your tombstone!

Dear cousin Betty, I never really liked you anyway, so I am glad you died now while this was on sale.

Hope grandpa dies real soon so I can get the inheritance AND twenty percent off.

"Here honey, I got yours all prepared for you, for whenever you should die! Let's store it in the attic. I can just get the date added later."

In general, I don't like French cemeteries. All of the tomb things are above ground, though Alain assured me that the people are actually in the ground. They feel too ornate and fake. (picture on left is a skull preserved in a box in a church in Bretagne). Haven't actually been to a funeral here yet, thank goodness. I guess most people are buried, not cremated.
(Photo at top of a small cemetery in Les Baux de Provence.)

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roger a dit…

Hi Megan - found you while surfing around Anglophone sites in France. Hellooooo. Where in Provence are you?

screamish a dit…

Yes and have you noticed yet, don't you think its wierd? the photos on the tombstones? (maybe just in the south?)

but apart form that, well, why not?

I suppose from a salesman's point of view its not great practice.

Mlle Smith a dit…

Cemeteries always freak me out. I wonder how one should take advantage of this sale? But the plaque in advance and store it away just in case?

CraftyRachel a dit…


Wow, that skull-in-a-box is disturbing.

Ed/Sue a dit…

Hi daughter-
Well you can go ahead and take advantage of the sale---we don't least someone cares about us. You are becoming a very funny and prolific writer. Strange for someone who didn't like writing in high school.

Gypsy Purple a dit…

This was hillarious!!!

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