mardi 24 avril 2007
Today I was at the gym, eating lunch before it was time for the cardio class (there is a mess waiting to happen). I asked the instructor, a tall blond woman, a question about the class, and she heard that I am NOT FRENCH!! AHHH!!
She said "Oh, that explains why sometimes in class I say something in class and you don't seem to understand."

-Or, it could be that sometimes it takes a few seconds for the body to process the switch from side to side lunges while running in place while clapping with the arms above the head!

She seriously started speaking to me like I was deaf, with sign language and everything. "I (point to self) thought (tap finger on head) you (point to me) didn't (shake head) hear (cup hand at ear) me (point to self again)."

-I (point to self) am (tap on chest) not (shake head) stupid (rap knuckles on head)!

I am tempted to make up buttons that say in French "I am a foreigner, not an idiot. Please stop speaking to me like that."

This isn't even a rant for me, it is just DAILY LIFE.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Omg, that was too funny...that sign language! lol

Astrid a dit…

:) I so know this!! Thanks for the laugh.

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