dimanche 22 avril 2007
As this is an election year here in France, today was the primary election. There are 12 candidates, and today it will be narrowed down to 2. The final vote will be in two weeks, on May 6th.
I haven't been following too closely the campaigns. They do seem however to be less about putting down the other candidates. Haven't seen any of those Kerry/Bush '04 type of signs on private property (in front lawns/in windows). People seem to keep their political leanings a bit more private.
I can't of course vote. I know who I would have voted for. I can become French after five years of marriage.
I went with Alain and his parents this afternoon to vote in Lançon. Everyone has an assigned voting place where you must go. I guess some places have electronic machines, but this was just regular ballots. You go in, show your electoral card and ID, then they give you an envelope and 12 slips of paper, one with each name. You go into a cabinet, put one of the names into the envelope, (throw the others away I guess, I don't know). Then you go out and put the envelope into a box. As you put it in, the person in charge of the box clicks a lever or something to count the number of envelopes put into the box. Hopefully the numbers match up at the end of the day.
So we shall see tonight who the final two are.

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Anonyme a dit…

They do seem to keep their political leanings more private. Olivier wasn't even sure who his mom was voting for until the vote was actually cast. They seem a bit more "dignified" in attacking each other...these candidates.

Except for, of course, Le Pen. Ahhh, Le Pen. What a maniac. :0l

Dorydee a dit…

We are very private about it, but from a French point of view, I can tell you this was probably the worst campaign of the last 20 or so years (I wouldn't know before that!). It was all about dissing the other candidates, not about what they could do for France but what the others couldn't do. Probably more contained than in America, but still very disappointing...

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