lundi 22 octobre 2007
After several false starts in August and September, fall has finally decided to stick around. Alain and I have been busy preparing for my parent's visit. So far we have: bought a couch that pulls out into a bed (but it isn't a futon) from IKEA, with two single mattresses. Somehow we managed to fit two people and the couch into our Fiat Bravo. I felt like I was in a clown car. This past Saturday we assembled it, which took all afternoon. We also painted our bathroom walls white, installed a new light fixture (again, IKEA) that isn't quite bright enough. Alain has also been working on the toilet. He made a small shelf to hide the pipe/water counter. Will post pictures when I can. Last weekend we went over to his coworker's to watch the France-England game, then this weekend we had one of my coworkers and his wife come over to watch the France-Argentina game (they are both Argentinian). It was fun. No hard feelings.
Now two more days of work, then I am taking Wednesday off to run various errands before my parents arrive Wednesday evening. Have a great week!

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eclat a dit…

LOL @ "felt like I was in a clown car", ha! So nice that you get to have your parents over in France...I'm still trying to convince my dad to drop by and not be afraid (he has only taken a plane once in his life).

Your eye doctor visit sounds horrible. :0( My two former co-workers got lasik surgery and they both have perfect vision now and were very happy with the results...

Eclat a dit…

Oops, I just realized you have the old link up there ( observing that. (Hint, hint...)


Caitlin a dit…

Have a fabulous time with your parents! We have also done the Ikea run and somehow managed to get everything home in our little car...thank goodness for Ikea though!

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