dimanche 9 décembre 2007
Please see my first post about the kitchen: http://megankay4.blogspot.com/2006/11/la-cuisine.html

While my parents were here, one of the main things that we focused on was fixing up our kitchen. The first order of the day was removing the big ugly metal and glass hood over the stove area. No idea why it was there, but it seems that older kitchens from apartments built in the 50's have these. It doesn't actually serve any purpose, as there is no vent or opening at the top. Well, it does get greasy I suppose. Anyway, Alain and dad spent a good day or two removing this thing. First they had to remove the glass, which they had to break to get out (shards of glass flying everywhere). Then, the metal frame was not screwed to the wall but actually coming out of the wall, so they had to cut it out of the wall. Then the wall had to be patched up.

Dad then spent a few days making the walls smooth while mom removed the rest of the wallpaper. One Saturday morning, Alain and I went to Ikea to buy everything. Well, everything except the dishwasher. It took us about one hour to order it, one hour to receive it, and one hour to figure out how to get everything into the car. Poor Alain had to drive the car back with his seat about five centimeters from the steering wheel and the wooden countertop board above his head.

We then spent the afternoon painting the walls and ceiling white. The next day, mom and I assembled the cabinets and the guys put them up. We got the left side finished on Sunday, but still had to do the area over the sink, which mom and dad finished up on Monday. We still need to redo the electricity (add more plugs and lights), and place the new sink, dishwasher, and countertop (which needs to be cut to the correct dimensions) in place.
Yesterday Alain put the knobs on the cabinets and started to put the molding around the tops of the cabinets. We also need to eventually buy a hood and another shelf to put above the clothes washer/stove area. But at least now it resembles a kitchen. I think we choose really well in order to maximize our small space. (Notice the wine rack on the far end.) Good job everyone!

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Yayyyy, you're back. :0) Must read up...I thought you were still in Asia!

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