dimanche 21 septembre 2008
We spent several weekends putting up the crown molding - THAT was certainly a task that I thought would be easier than it was. I thought, how hard can it be? Cut the pieces so that they form 90° angles, glue to wall, voila!

Except, I forgot- our walls are not straight! which left us with huge gaps in the corners. Alain put some of a cementy-type glue, let it dry, then had the task of sanding them in order to shape them into the shape of the actual crown molding.

It wasn't easy getting those suckers to stay glued to the walls either. We had glue everywhere, on the walls that Alain had spent weeks re-doing and sanding to make them smooth.
This afternoon we finally were able to start painting the ceiling and the crown molding. I bought some paint on Friday- plain white "large areas" paint.

Except that it was like water. The darn paint would not stay on the rollers or paintbrushes from the time it took between bucket and ceiling. Argh. The floor and other stuff in the bedroom was covered with cardboard boxes and plastic sheets, otherwise we would have had a heck of a time cleaning up the paint off of EVERYTHING.

We managed to finally get the ceiling covered, now have to do another layer. Alain's parents lent us an air-brush paint kit. I think we will try it. The paint is so watery, it shouldn't have any trouble passing through the nozzle.

Sigh. Nothing is easy.

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