jeudi 9 octobre 2008
Well, here is a recap a week later. After the protective lenses were taken out, my eyesight seemed to worsen. The weekend was okay, we didn't do much. Monday morning I went to the doctor's again and he said it seems to be coming along okay. He gave me a prescription for different drops (yay! no more Eyedrops O' Fire!) and told me to come in three weeks. I managed to drive to work (scary thought huh) and got there a bit before 10. Wore my sunglasses the first day, but since then I don't seem to need them except when outside. Driving in the dark is a bit scary as there are halos around all the lights. Which didn't help yesterday when I was driving in the dark, in the rain.
Still having trouble seeing far and near, but middle distance is okay. My right eye seems a bit better than my left. Having some headaches, I guess because I am forcing myself to read. One thing is for sure is that my profession is not eye-friendly! I have the word documents zoomed in in order to have the text as large as possible but still the contrast is killing me.
Sigh. I hope it doesn't take a whole month as some people say it might.

Speaking of which, is my blog hard to read? I have read somewhere that white text on dark backgrounds is easier to read on computers, but people have trouble sometimes with it because they are not used to it. Is the white text on purple background difficult? I can change it. can also increase font sizes.
Please let me know.

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Soulamouse a dit…

Hi MeGAN!!!!
Hope recovery will only be better...I was told you see really well after two days...Which means I will have to put off the operation by at least one year...
How many dioptries did you have? I have quite a lot which makes me eligible (wish I was eligible for other things:) for contact implants...They are quite scary though compared to laser as they really have to go inside the eye..Ufff!!!!
Oh yes, may I be so curious to ask what you do for work?:)

Astrid a dit…

Reading about you doing this operation I started doing the research to find clinics - it's so, so tempting the thought of waking up and just see :) Hope you are seeing and feeling better soon!

Ps: it is a little difficult to read the main white text on the bright purple colour, but just perfect in the side-column.

Starman a dit…

I have no trouble reading your blog.

Anonyme a dit…

I have no trouble reading it either, but I think the side column color is easier on the eyes.

I wish you a speedy recovery! Keep us updated.

Our Juicy Life a dit…

i agree that the darker purple is a bit easier on the eyes.
hope you are going to see better soon...hang in there.

amerigirl a dit…

Megan -- sorry about the eye. Amazing you are still blogging without being able to see.
BTW -- a darker purple would be better, white on light purple is hard for me to read.

Anonyme a dit…

Love the new color :)

How are you feeling?

poppy fields a dit…

Maybe just increase the font size a little.

Starman a dit…

I like the new look of your blog. I hope you're feeling well. You haven't updated in a while.

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