mardi 28 octobre 2008

Oh what miracles can arrive if you just pray hard enough.....

This is a new store (opened in September) near the Palais de Justice in Aix.

People are just starting to become aware of it, because it is getting more and more crowded at lunch time.

Their bagels are more for sandwiches than for take-out (1.50 a piece otherwise, yikes). Have not yet tried the cream cheese nor the hummus, it will be remedied soon I predict.

Every day they offer sides (such as salad, couscous, etc) and deserts (carrot cake, cheese cake, cookies).

The lines are quite long, but I think it is mostly because the workers have not yet figured out how to do things efficiently- it is a small space and they mostly get in each others way.

However, I predict that they will soon iron out all the bugs.

The bagels are very good, much better than these poor things..

3 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

Are they really New York type bagels?

megan a dit…

Ah, yes, the bagel store. It's really good, but rarely open :( We've been by numerous times, but only actually eaten there once1

poppy fields a dit…

I saw this place when I went to the Gap store in Aix last week, but it(the Bagel Store) was CLOSED. It was on a monday though....if you work close to there, maybe we could have lunch one of these days(after dec 17th the date of my future unemployment)

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