jeudi 18 décembre 2008
Here we come.
Leaving tomorrow from Marseille, arriving (hopefully) in Denver Friday evening. Passing by Frankfurt and Toronto.
Praying that there are no huge snowstorms that strand us somewhere en route, à la December 2006 when we spent an unexpected overnight in Chicago and weren't sure we would get to Colorado before Christmas.
Thank goodness we had family nearby.
This time, not so much.
Got my medium suitcase filled with presents and packed inside the big suitcase, and taking the small one on the plane, filled with my clothes. Alain has another large black suitcase with a duffel bag inside- we plan on leaving that large suitcase at mom and dad's and bringing the duffel bag back, and then I will have the large and medium suitcases available to fill with presents, new clothes, makeup, candy, and other essentials.
Just have to survive my last day of work for 2008, then this evening we will finish up packing, close up the apartment (turn off the water, take out the trash, etc) and go to Alain's parents for the night. That way we can leave the car and motorcycle there and they will take us to the airport tomorrow. Our flight leaves at 10 am.
(Oh, and "Ok USA" is an Alainism)
Wish us non-snowstorm travels!

5 commentaires:

Toulonnaise for a while a dit…

Bon voyage:))) Somehow I thought you are from VA.

Anonyme a dit…

Have a wonderful trip and stay safe! Good thing you're avoiding Chicago this time around....its going to be bad around here starting tomorrow!

Starman a dit…

Bon voyage, mes amis et Bonnes Fêtes.

Anonyme a dit…

bonne chance - i hope you don't get stuck in the snowstorm that is moving across the US. Los Angeles got snow on Tuesday, Michigan is to get 12 inches today....hopefully you'll arrive safely. I hate travelling in the winter, I would always get stuck somewhere.
Bring home loads of goodies from the States and have a happy christmas.

Astrid a dit…

I hope you're having a lovely time with your family! And yes, I'd love to meet up in 2009 :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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