mercredi 1 juillet 2009
Once in a while, usually on Sunday afternoons while I am putzing around the apartment looking for something to do other than clean while Alain either works on the apartment or naps on the couch, I get an urge to cook.

I decided to try my cinnamon bread recipe again.

For one of the earlier attempts, click here

Anyway, all was going well until I ran out of flour about halfway through. As it was a Sunday afternoon, all of the stores were closed. I decided to put French Neighborliness to the test, so I went across and knocked on our elderly neighbor's door. (She is the one that picks up our mail for us when we are away and because of whom I never worry about our apartment being broken into because she keeps a very good watch on the comings and goings in the stairwell.)
I asked if she by any chance had some flour she could lend me. She did and was more than happy to. I finished up my cinnamon bread (it actually rose this time! using real yeast helps!) and it didn't get too burnt. After cutting the recipe in half, I had three medium sized loaves. I decided to keep one for us, bring one in to my work, and give her the third. I went across the hallway and knocked but she had gone out, so I left it wrapped in aluminum and the rest of the flour in a plastic bag hanging from her doorknob.
Everyone at work appreciated my bread, or at least lied and said they did. Today I found this note in our mailbox. (names deleted)

It is nice to have good neighbors, even if they drive you nuts sometimes with their loud TVs.

6 commentaires:

screamish a dit…

bravo for doing the neighbourly thing! the french in apartment blocks arent usually into it I find...but when you do break the ice like that they love it.

Starman a dit…

I like the way she got her little twist at the end.

Anonyme a dit…

I'm sure she appreciated being remembered. But the "?" at the end is a bit curious.
Maybe she'll turn down her TV now.

Megan a dit…

I think it is just a squiggly !. Or else she really didn't know what to say. Umm, interesting? umm, bread-like? the best cinnamon bread I've had all week?

Mwa a dit…

Looks like lovely bread. And a question mark. :-)

Brandi a dit…

Thanks for your bread, it's delicious?

Was that suppose to be a question?? Too funny.

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