dimanche 4 octobre 2009
After my last post about Alain's progress with our kitchen during his August vacation
see: Everything but the...

(before, when we moved in)

He installed the sink the next day. It looks great but I am now officially paranoid about actually cooking in the kitchen. I don't want to get water on the wood countertop (which is protected by several layers of resin, but still).

Plus, our kitchen was built for Swedish giants.
It is really really high.

Anyway, our dishwasher arrived the week after our return from Bretagne, and was installed just fine. Took us awhile to figure out how to use it, (turns out that those power ball things are not actually the "Sel" that is needed).

It turns out that the King of Dishes is reluctant to use the darn thing.
I thought he would be all over it, but no. I have to forcibly remind him "Put the dishes in the dishwasher."

Our cooking/eating habits are, for the moment, incompatible with the use of a dishwasher. It seems that when you do the dishes by hand, there are about two of everything (plates, cutlery, glasses) that are in constant rotation and never actually make it from the drying rack back to the cupboard. Now we actually have to use all of our plates/knives/forks/etc. before the dishwasher gets run. Ah well. I'm sure we will adjust.

So, I am now officially calling it..

The Apartment Renovation from H--- is Finished!

Three years and many fights later, we are ready to move on.

Now to the annoying part of getting rid of all the extra building stuff and organizing. Maybe we can actually start living now.

It is amazing how much actual space we have when three room's worth of stuff isn't shoved into the living room + sacks of concrete and bits and pieces of wood and boxes of broken tiles and power tools and all the rest.

We made several trips with carloads of stuff to Alain's parent's house, so they were less than pleased to come back from two months in Bretagne and find their garage overflowing with stuff.

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Anonyme a dit…

Megan, your kitchen looks so much better! Hooray for organization. As for the dishwasher, we have the same problem, not enough dirty dishes to turn it on. Try putting 2 days worth of dishes then run the machine. Also, dishwashers take less water and electricity than washing dishes by hand!


Anonyme a dit…

Congrats! It looks great :)

Starman a dit…

WOW! That's gorgeous. Alain did a fantastic job. That has to be one of the best looking kitchens I've ever seen in a French apartment. Congratulations to both of you.

Mwa a dit…

Three years! No wonder you had fights. Congratulations on getting it finished.

Starman a dit…

Further clarification on the dates of the disaster. I only just tonight realized that I had written 16 Octobre instead of 16 Septembre. No wonder everyone is confused. Sorry about that.

Brandi a dit…

Yeah! You will have so much free time now....Time to travel.

Anonyme a dit…

To Megan-
You can make it through anything!
Your apartment looks great and you are still married!

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