samedi 26 décembre 2009
Days spent together in Strasbourg: 3
Hours late of Alain's train: 5
Time spent in Christmas market: way too much
Temperature: -10°C
Pretzels eaten in a week: 20
Museums visited: 2 (Museum of Strasbourg and Alsatian Museum)
Boat rides: 1
Restaurants walked out of: 1
Restaurants asked to leave to free up table after check has been paid: 1
Number of buildings decorated with stuffed animals: about 100
Money spent on presents: way too much
Suitcase handles broken on TGV back to Marseille: 1
Emergency stops to buy more warm clothes: 2 (ear muffs and tights)
Emergency stops to go to the bathroom: 1
Emergency stops just to warm up: 2
Trips to pharmacy for cold medicine: 1
Glasses of beer drunk: 5
Glasses of beer considered to be good: 0
Times we had to go to hotel reception to get something fixed in our room: 2 (burned out lightbulb, freezing cold shower water)
Times we had to ask people entering restaurant to please close the door because they were letting the freezing cold air inside while they were dithering: 10
Movies seen: 1 (2012)
Average time of going to bed: 11:30 pm
Average time of waking up: 9:00 am
Time had: very good

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Glad you enjoyed yourselves. I'm surprised you didn't enjoy the beer....supposedly the best beer comes from that German/French area.
What do I know, though, I hate beer.

Anonyme a dit…

Megan, you've convinced me NOT to go to Strasbourg at Christmas-time.
Hope you had a good one even though you were freezing.
Happy NY's!

Starman a dit…

A restaurant actually asked you to leave to make room for more customers? Do they think they're in the US?

frenchkiss a dit…

Miss the Marseillaise winter. It's -4C here and we are all sad about that. Strasbourg sounds less fun.

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